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After Install new version of john we are able to crak this in less than 2 minutes.

time for i in {500..1}; do zip2john zipfile_$i.zip > hash.txt ; /root/app/JohnTheRipper/run/john hash.txt --wordlist=/usr/share/seclists/Passwords/rockyou.txt;pass=$(/root/app/JohnTheRipper/run/john hash.txt --show | cut -d: -f2 | head -n 1 );unzip -P $pass zipfile_$i.zip ; rm zipfile_$i.zip ;done

Archive: zipfile_1.zip
extracting: zipfile_0.zip

real 1m24.926s
user 3m31.381s
sys 0m10.224s

#unzip zipfile_0.zip
Archive: zipfile_0.zip
inflating: flag.txt

cat flag.txt