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# Damocles

### Vulnerability

+ Heap overflow in allocate() function

void allocate(){
char *tmp = NULL ;
char buf[4];
size_t size ;
printf("Size : ");
size = read_long();
tmp = malloc(size);
puts("Allocate failed");
printf("Content :");
printf("Finish ? (Y/n)");
if(buf[0] == 'Y' || buf[0] == 'y'){
puts("Done !");
ptr = tmp ;
return ;
printf("Size :");
size = read_long(); //heap overflow
printf("Content :");

### Exploitation

+ Allocate mmap chunks many time let `libc address + mp_.mmapped_mem` is a writable page.
+ You can not allocate a very large chunk at once, because we need to update `main_arena.system_mem` let `main_arena.system_mem` is larger than `mp_.mmapped_mem`

+ Allocate some fastbin chunk and consolidate it to create some unsorted bin chunk.

+ Unsorted bin corruption
+ This time, there is a valid unsorted bin chunk in `mp_`
+ unsorted bin only check `chunksize < main_arena.system_mem`

+ Use heap overflow to overwrite the bk of unsorted bin chunk with the valid chunk in `mp_`
+ We don't no the libc address, but it close to unsorted bin. So we can use partial overwrite. Just bruteforce 1/16 probability.

+ Allocate a large chunk with `mp_.mmapped_mem` bytes, you will get the chunk in `mp_`
+ The chunk is so large that you can overwrite many thing in glibc.

+ Control the flow
+ Overwrite `__malloc_hook` then do ROP, you will get the shell.
+ Exploitation
+ [exp.py](exp.py)

Original writeup (https://github.com/scwuaptx/CTF/tree/master/2017-writeup/hitcon/damocles).