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# Web - Vulnshop

We're preparing a website for selling some important vulnerabilities in the future. You can browse some static pages on it, waiting for the official release.


This challenge was quite easy to understand, a little bit trickier to solve. The source of the `index.php` file was given and is available [here](https://github.com/YoloSw4g/writeups/blob/master/2018/Insomni'hack-Teaser-2018/web-vulnshop/resources/index.php).
There are 3 different actions that will interest us:
* **Contact us**, which sets an arbitrary value for your `$_SESSION['challenge']` variable
* **Captcha**, which creates a file in the `./tmp` directory, with the name of your challenge, and echoes back its value
* **Captcha-verify**, which allows you to execute an arbitrary PHP function, with first argument being `./<challenge>`, and second argument user-controled

However, things may not be simple to exploit since many sensitive PHP functions are disabled:

Some writeups out there try (and succeed) in modifying the value of the session variable, by modifying the file where it is stored on-disk. We tried a different approach, since the `popen` function was not disabled:

resource popen ( string $command , string $mode )

In order to execute some arbitrary function, you have to call `/?page=captcha-verify&method=<function>&answer=<arg>`, which in turn will be resolved as `<function>('./<challenge>', '<arg>')`.
These are the different calls we made to get a reverse shell:

| Page | Method | Answer | Goal |
| contact-us | N/A | N/A | Generate the random token |
| captcha | N/A | N/A | Create the file in `./tmp` |
| captcha-verify | `file_put_contents` | some bash reverse shell | Store a reverse shell in our file |
| captcha-verify | `chmod` | 511 | Sets chmod 0777 (octal, 511 in decimal) on our file |
| captcha-verify | `popen` | r | Launches the program |

As soon as we `GET` the last command, our reverse shell pops, and we can read `/flag`!


Original writeup (https://github.com/YoloSw4g/writeups/tree/master/2018/Insomni'hack-Teaser-2018/web-vulnshop).