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# Full WriteUp
Full Writeup on our website: [http://www.aperikube.fr/docs/pragyan_2018_pictorial_mess/](http://www.aperikube.fr/docs/pragyan_2018_pictorial_mess/)



In this task we had analyze 7 images. Both of them had messages hidden in their LSB (discovered with Stegsolve By Caesum).

The extracted message was "Make me Tall". Due to this message, we increased the images height of 25px.

This task has been accomplished with TweakPng but could be accomplished by editing the hexa of the file.

Increasing the size show us 7 new line with white and black square (0 and 1).

We extracted the 7 line and took each first square then each second square...

The flag was coded in the extracted coloumns, in ascii (7 bits).

Original writeup (http://www.aperikube.fr/docs/pragyan_2018_pictorial_mess/).