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# journey (rev500)
Original writeup [here](https://github.com/numinit/CTF/blob/master/SwampCTF-2018/rev/journey-500/journey.md).

It's an executable packed with UPX. Run: `upx -d journey`

You get an executable. It asks for a password. The password is the string that, when run against 0x328f3b67d25391, [Gronsfeld deciphers](http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/gronsfeld.php) to "theresanotherstep"

#!/usr/bin/env python

target = 'theresanotherstep'
x = 0x328F3B67D25391

pwd = ''
for char in target:
y = x % 10
x //= 10
z = chr(ord(char) + y)
pwd += z

print('flag{%s}' % pwd)


Original writeup (https://github.com/numinit/CTF/blob/master/SwampCTF-2018/rev/journey-500/journey.md).