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Midnight Sun CTF is HackingForSoju's annual CTF event to promote competition around the world.

The final event is in June (15th-16th) in Stockholm, Sweden, with the online qualifier in April (6th-7th).

Supported categories are: Pwn, Reverse, Web, Crypto, Misc.

CTF events

Midnight Sun CTF 2022 Finals76.83
Midnight Sun CTF 2022 Quals27.82
Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Finals52.92
Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals50.32
Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Finals37.00
Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals37.00
Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Finals25.00
Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Quals24.88
Midnight Sun CTF 2018 Finals25.00
Midnight Sun CTF 2018 Quals24.88
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