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Update your tools, stock up on energy drinks and turn off all of your notifications 'cause we've got some badass CTF tasks coming your way, guaranteed to keep you plugged in, jacked up, glued down but ultimately knocked out.

You're looking down the barrel of 40 hours of some serious mayhem including but not limited to: mind-bending memory corruption, bewildering binary reversing, convoluted cryptography, feral forensics, and wacky web.

We'll do our best to ensure PTBCTF engages you by making you dive into arcane secrets of known software or tackle new challenges that expand your knowledge.


- Mostly hard and very hard challenges

- Prizes: 2048 €, 1024 €, 512 € for the top 3 teams

- Approximately 30 tasks to be gradually opened

- Discord-based comm

- Dynamic scoring (CTFd or similar)

Do not expect:

- Guessing challenges

- Untested challenges

- Breakthrough points (no reason to give advantage to teams based on timezone)

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CTF events

PwnThyBytes CTF 201925.00
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