Offical URL:

CTF Name: b01lers CTF
Event Logo: Attached
Start Time: 00:00 UTC March 14
End Time: 00:00 UTC March 16
Official Site URL:
Event Format: Jeopardy Style
Event Location: Online
Organizers Team Name: b01lers
Prizes: None for remote players
Description: b01lers CTF is a CTF hosted by Purdue University's b01lers CTF team. Our CTF is beginner friendly and is geared towards university teams. Unlike most CTF competitions, b01lers CTF organizers will release writeups and solves for all challenges after the competition ends to encourage learning and development.
Sponsors: Center for Information Security and Assurance, Purdue University CERIAS

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b01lers CTF22.99
b01lers CTF bootcamp22.99
b01lers CTF22.46
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