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b01lers CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Thank you to all who played our Spring 2020 offering of b01lers CTF.

We have been offering a training camp to Purdue students for years and we have decided it is time to share that training camp with the rest of the CTF world. Think of it as the CSAW RED of b01lers CTF.

This CTF will be much easier than the spring version. It is truly built for first-timers and aimed at college freshmen or high schoolers.

We will be streaming our CTF bootcamp interactive lessons twice a week (see our website for the schedule) for 5 weeks leading up to the CTF to teach new hackers the ropes, and everything they'll need to know to succeed in this CTF!

It isn't only beginner problems though, we're throwing in some curveballs in the hardest difficulty level to keep veterans interested too. Come learn a thing or two and have a good time!


Prizes are available for Purdue students only.

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