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VolgaCTF is an international inter-university cybersecurity competition organised by a group of IT enthusiasts based in Samara, Russia.

The competition consists of 2 rounds: Qualifier, which is held online, and Final, which takes place in Samara, Russia.

CTF events

VolgaCTF 2021 Qualifier32.73
VolgaCTF 2020 Qualifier32.80
VolgaCTF 2019 Qualifier27.27
VolgaCTF 2018 Quals25.12
VolgaCTF 2017 Quals23.10
VolgaCTF 2017 Teaser0.00
VolgaCTF 2016 Quals23.10
VolgaCTF 2015 Quals20.00
VolgaCTF 2014 Quals20.00
VolgaCTF 2013 Quals20.00
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