Voting ended at: Nov. 29, 2020, 1 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.33 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 Neuro Great CTF!

25 RepresentMtln very good ctf!!!

25 Necrogizer Pretty serious and important CTF with many major Universities from all over the world

25 TRX Very important CTF

25 z3r0Luck Great CTF!

25 w3th4nds Great CTF for every level of players!

23 bradan Great challenges, some quite hard!

25 thega Great CTF

25 ogianatiempo Great CTF! Varied challenges with different difficulty levels.

25 IamSp3ctr3 Great CTF, we had a great time participating in.

25 layka_ A good one !

25 Marmeus Great CTF, I have a lot of fun despite the diffculty of some challenges.

25 varandinawer Was a enjoy CTF, much fun!

25 zombor Good challs. Really enjoyed blockchain.

25 Hexacane Quite hard chals, most were unique

25 Jandrov Quite complete, including some unusual categories like Hardware and Blockchain

25 Zarkrosh One of the best CTFs I have ever played

25 sampriti Good challs.

25 t0b1 Lovely CTF! Nice challenges and categories for different skill levels.

25 theinen great CTF! Challenges were a lot of fun to solve.

25 arjunlalith Great CTF, challenges were difficult without being "guessy"

20 N0xi0us Great CTF by HTB with different difficulty levels

25 signifi3d Challenging and well put together.

25 RobinVanDenHurk Our team had a ton of fun playing this CTF! Great challenges and great admins!

25 Lotus98 Awesome CTF! Had a great variaty of categories and a very nice progression in diffuculty of the challenges!

20 neko3 Great CTF, had good curve of challs difficulty.