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PwnTillDawn CTF event.

Format: Hack quest Hack quest

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About the Competition

PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield's Competition is the 100% online version which will allow selected contenders to put their offensive skills to the test and from anywhere.

PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield's Competition is an intensive 24 hour/non-stop competition where 50+ participants will evolve within a network comprised of many machines affected by real life vulnerabilities witnessed by wizlynx group through hundreds of penetration tests conducted for companies and organizations of various sizes and industries. The PwnTillDawn “Capture-the-flag” (CTF) will challenge contestants to break into as many machines as possible using a succession of weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Upon the compromise of a machine, contestants will have to collect flags awarding a certain amount of points.

Goodwill Event Edition Changes

This edition of the PwnTillDawn competition will be slightly different from the previous ones, in fact, you will not only participate for yourself but also you will help less fortunate young students to get Cyber Security trainings.

When the total of the points from the flags discovered by the participants will reach different thresholds (based on the number of players) a training will be granted! We are counting on you to discover as many flags as possible so we can give away all the trainings!

New Addition -> TEAMS
For this Goodwill edition of the PwnTillDawn we are also releasing a new feature: TEAMS.
A maximum of 3 players can join a team and participate to the Goodwill Competition.


Due to limited spots available for the competition, registrations will undergo a selection process where your passion, motivation, and experience for offensive security will be assessed. We therefore strongly encourage you to submit a complete application.

Important Notes:
+ The competition will start at 7am CEST
+ Limited tools authorised during the competition!
+ No cooperation between single participants and between different teams

You want to be ready for the competition? Make sure to create an account in PwnTillDawn Online Battlefield and start practicing on machines which have been on previous competitions:


1st Place: A $150 USD Amazon/Spotify/Netflix gift card
2nd Place: A $75 USD Amazon/Spotify/Netflix gift card
3rd Place: A $50 USD Amazon/Spotify/Netflix gift card


8 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 b0b01b0Y 2275.0000.000
2 Los Totopos 1600.0000.000
3 iWanFlagz 425.0000.000
4 D4nt3 350.0000.000
5 pluto 250.0000.000
6 Muzec 200.0000.000
7 nil 200.0000.000
8 Betus 50.0000.000
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