Thu, 08 July 2021, 15:00 UTC — Thu, 08 July 2021, 19:00 UTC 


Hospital Under Siege CTF event.

Format: Hack quest Hack quest

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Hospital Under Siege, a scenario-driven Capture the Flag contest, pits teams of participants against adversaries and a clock, to protect human life and public safety. Participants compete against each other on both real and simulated medical devices, integrated into the fully immersive Biohacking Village: Device Lab, laid out as a working hospital. Teams of any size are welcome, as are players from all backgrounds and skill levels. Challenges will be tailored for all skill levels and draw from expertise areas including forensics, RF hacking, network exploitation techniques, web security, protocol reverse engineering, hardware hacking, and others. You will hack actual medical devices and play with protocols like DICOM, HL7 and FHIR.


Winner: Bus Auditor, HydraBus, Goodies
1st Runner Up: Bus Auditor, Lab 401 RFID detector, Goodies
2nd Runner Up: Raspberry Pi3, Goodies

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