Mon, 20 Oct. 2014, 14:00 UTC — Wed, 22 Oct. 2014, 17:00 UTC 


Storrs, CT, USA

UConn CyberSEED event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Future weight: 5.00 

Rating weight: 5.00 

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The CyberSEED Challenge is sponsored by Comcast Corporation. The competition is open to teams from high schools, community colleges, or 4-year colleges in the United States.

The software challenge asks students to design a buffer overflow attack and might appeal to students who have good programming skills.

The capture the flag challenge is similar to many existing cybersecurity challenges and should be appropriate for students who have taken basic network or web security classes.

Teams should register for the competition by September 26, 2014. Because of limited space, only the first 20 teams will be allowed to compete.

Each team that is accepted into the competition will be granted a travel award to help cover travel expenses. The amount depends on the location of the team and the number of team members.


Awards and Prizes: The teams will be evaluated by the amount of points they accumulate during the challenge. The top three teams will receive cash prizes. The top seven teams will also receive prizes. The total amount of prizes will be worth over $10,000.


20 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 synners 9575.00010.000
2 RPISEC 9250.0007.330
3 n0l3ptr 8775.0006.249
4 HackUCF 7975.0005.414
5 ASIST-Shiva 7225.0004.773
6 Radford Cyber 7125.0004.554
6 ASIST-Brick 7125.0004.554
8 PwnieExpress 6975.0004.267
9 Br0x0wn 6575.0003.989
10 Batmans_Kitchen 5700.0003.477
11 SomeHuskyMen 5525.0003.340
12 EthicalHackingAtETSU 3775.0002.388
13 SpicyInTheMiddle 3675.0002.304
14 Buccaneers 2750.0001.793
15 LanaDelTech 2725.0001.756
16 Going_Back_To_Kali 2600.0001.670
17 OTTObots 2200.0001.443
18 thecandymancan 1825.0001.231
18 5cr1ptK1tt13s 1825.0001.231
20 ach017 1750.0000.582
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