Sat, 22 Oct. 2022, 16:00 UTC — Sun, 23 Oct. 2022, 16:00 UTC 


T3 Phoenix CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Phoenix CTF is a 24 hour long charity competition for people to learn something new, meet friends, and win prizes!
On top of your usual cybersecurity challenges, we also have a virtual Scavenger Hunt; A great way to clear your head and start fresh on those harder challenges!

This competition is family and beginner friendly, and caters to a wide range of skill levels, from completely non-technical to advanced.

All proceeds are going the reconstruction of the National Trans Memorial, which was tragically burned down at Manchester Pride.


1st Place: 12 month PentesterLab voucher + 1 year HTB VIP per player

2nd Place: 6 month PentesterLab voucher + 1 year HTB VIP per player

3rd Place: 3 month PentesterLab voucher + 6 month HTB VIP per player

A number of 1 month vouchers for PentesterLab and HTB are available for teams/individuals who contribute to the community with bug fixes, writeups, etc.

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