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Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre 4 Nils Ericsons Plan 111 64 Norrmalm Sweden

Nordic IT Security Hackathon event.

Format: Attack-Defense Attack-Defense

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Nordic IT Security Hackathon 2023 is addition to carefully selected expert lectures and panels at the Nordic IT conference, for the first time, as a part of our conference, we present a realistic presentation of attacks and defenses in the cyber world – HACKATHON.

Modeled after the world-renowned and influential Capture the Flag (CTF) competition in the “attack/defense” format, we organized a unique contest of teams in the field of cyber security.

Hackathon takes place in the virtual city "HolmCity", which has modern infrastructure and modern information systems and services. This concept ensures that teams can practice and test their skills and abilities without risking and compromising real information resources.

In "HolmCity" Hackathon participants gain experience in conducting attacks and defense in cyberspace without harming real ICT systems.

The Hackathon is an excellent opportunity to test the teams ability in dealing with real threats, as well as to create new knowledge and skills that are needed to protect ICT systems and services in a modern and contemporary environment.

Excercise is ideal for organizations that want to test their teams in the field of cyber security, as well as for individuals who want to improve their knowledge and skills in this area.

Hackathon is a team game that requires the whole team to coordinate activities in order to achieve the best possible result. Quick reaction, good communication and a clear strategy are just some of the many factors that affect the successful fight with other teams in capturing and winning the ICT resources in the virtual city "HolmCity" and finally winning the throne.

Teams in the virtual city "HolmCity" perform both attack and defense on ICT infrastructure and services. Each team has up to 5 members. In addition to the machines available to team members, the team also has its own ICT infrastructure that it must defend against attacks from other teams. As any other city "HolmCity" has public services that are vulnerable to attacks by all teams.

On the attack side, teams need to discover vulnerabilities on services and machines in the ICT infrastructure defended by other teams as well as on machines and services in the public area of ​​"HolmCity", and then exploit them and raise a flag. The raising of the flag is done by starting a script that signals which team has won the goal and from that moment points are awarded to that team.

On the defense side, teams need to patch existing vulnerabilities in their own ICT infrastructure and in the public services of "HolmCity", in order to protect their raised flags from being taken down by another team.

The main goal of the Hackathon for the team is to occupy as many resources as possible, to raise as many of their own flags as possible in the ICT infrastructure of other teams as well as in the public part of "HolmCity", and to defend them as long as possible from attacks by other teams. When one team takes advantage of a vulnerability on a machine and notices that a flag has been raised, it knocks it down and raises its own, since then the points go to the team that raised the flag. The team that lost the flag will lose points.

The Hackathon in the virtual city "HolmCity" not only tests the technical skills of the team and the individual, but also psychophysical strength because its duration is 4 hours, where at the same time the team members cooperate with each other, share tasks and solve various problems.

Upon registration of the participating the organizer of the Hackathon provides access to materials for preparation for participation, and three days before the start of the conference provides access to the infrastructure in the virtual city "HolmCity" so that the team can become more familiar with the environment and prepare for defense.

The Hackathon takes place on May 25, 2023, during the Nordic IT Security conference, with the mandatory physical presence of all team members. Nordic IT Security provides valuable prizes for the first three places and consolation prizes for the other places.

Basic Rules

General rules of participation in the Hackathon in the virtual city "HolmCity" are:

•Teams start with 0 points.

• An attack on the ICT infrastructure of other teams and the public part of the virtual city "HolmCity" is allowed. It is not allowed to attack teams user machines and system services (IP ranges and addresses will be specified in the materials for access and participation). A team that violates this rule will be disqualified.

• Use the original scripts obtained from the organizers to raise the flags. Any modification of the script results in disqualification of the team.

•Each team has access to a control panel that displays in real time the state of raised flags and the overall ranking.

• For any interpretation of rules, techniques, procedures, during the Hackathon, the team addresses the organizer.

• Communication, conversation and exchange of information between teams is not allowed.

• For any ambiguities during the Hackathon, teams can ask the organizer for an explanation.

• During the Hackathon, visitors to the Nordic IT Security conference are allowed to watch the work of the team without disturbing the team members and affecting the course of the hackathon itself.

Registration for the Nordic IT Security Hackathon

Registration for participation in the Hackathon is done by filling out the application on the Nordic IT Security conference website at the address:

The condition for registration and participation in the Hackathon is the physical presence of all team members at the Nordic IT Security conference.

The team has up to 5 members. The minimum team registration is 3 members.

Applications are open until April 16, 2023.


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