Fri, 21 April 2023, 15:00 UTC — Sun, 23 April 2023, 15:00 UTC 


Codean CTF event.

Format: Hack quest Hack quest

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Event organizers 

The Codean CTF is organized by Codean, a Dutch startup, for the 3rd edition. First with just European participants, now available worldwide.

CTF story: participants are placed in the position of an application pentester who is just hired by the fictional company CodeGuardian. Your task is to help the company find vulnerabilities in their system. They will provide you with Codean’s Review Environment to browse their code, and a personal pentest environment. The review environment is a toolbox that makes code review way easier and faster.

Teams: we encourage participants to work in small teams, 3-4 usually work best (but you can also join alone). You can sign up with a team or by yourselves (we will organize the teams before the kick-off). For this and more, check out our info page.


A limited edition statue of Mr. Codean, and the eternal fame that comes with it.


3 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 fibonhack 6750.0000.000
2 HBAR 800.0000.000
3 escalat0rs 300.0000.000
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