Tue, 01 Aug. 2023, 15:02 UTC — Tue, 10 Oct. 2023, 17:00 UTC 


BlockHarbor - CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

Official URL: https://ctf.blockharbor.io/

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Event organizers 

Season 1 Announcement

We are please to announce that Season 1 will run through October 10th at 5PM EST.

Prizes will be awarded to each of the top ten players/teams at the end of the season. First place prize is $2000, see our official announcement for the list of all prizes and conditions.

Throughout the season new challenges will be released. We have been releasing challenges as soon as they are ready, we may set a more formal release schedule as the season goes on. Stay tuned to the
‚Ā†changelog channel for updates in our discord server.


1st place -$2000 gift card & the glory of knowing you a bad memma-jemma
2nd Place - Comma.ai device ($1499)
3rd Place - DIMO dongle ($349)(Shout out to the DIMO crew for always being so awesome; Yevgeny Khessin et al.)
4th Place - $200 gift card
5th Place - Flipper zero ($169)
6th Place - $150 gift card
7th Place - $125 gift card
8th Place - $100 gift card
9th Place - $90 gift card
10th Place - BeepBerry ($79)

Wild Card Challenge 1: $500 gift card

Wild Card Challenge 2: $250 gift card

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