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cruXipher event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Greetings from CRUx: The Programming and Computing Club of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus! With our annual technical fest, ATMoS comes the return of cruXipher: A Capture-the-Flag-like, fast-paced competition where teams of people come together to solve challenges that involve the skills of problem-solving, programming, cybersecurity, and general knowledge of computers to rise to the top. This team competition will test your speed, teamwork, and problem-solving skills like nothing else. It doesn’t need prior programming knowledge; however, having this knowledge certainly helps.

This event is a hybrid event that will be hosted on, and in the I block lab I-015 on the campus of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad from 4th November 2PM IST to 6th November 2PM IST. Show up and stand a chance to win cash prizes upto Rs. 15,000!

Participants will compete in teams in a Jeopardy-style Capture the Flag event, where teams have to find a hidden “flag” in each challenge: a specially formatted piece of text that they enter onto a website and claim points for. Participants of any age group and from any region are more than welcome.

Offline participants can participate in this event by coming to the room to sit with their team, collaborate on questions, ask for help with questions, or get help with setting stuff up. This room will act as a lounge, where the teams have a dedicated space to focus on the event outside the rest of the fest.

We hope to provide a wonderful experience for the competition and are trying to satisfy both beginners and experts.

- There are no restrictions on the team, except that the team can have a maximum of 6 members.
- The whole contest will go on for 2 days, starting on 4th November at 2PM IST, and ending at 6th November 2PM IST.
- Top 3 teams win cash prizes from the prize pool of INR 15,000.

- Participants are allowed to use anything they want during the event; there are no restrictions to what participants can do to get points except for helping other teams in any form (offline or online), or DDoS attacking the event platform.


Cash prizes worth INR 15,000

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