Voting ended at: April 7, 2024, 11 p.m.

Weight after voting: 67.60 / 72.000

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


68 krish2006kr very hard

72 notmari I loved it! Really liked OSINT 1, 2 & 3.

72 MuslimFromPk very good CTF learnt a lot

55 ClownCS fun challs

72 s1gm4 gud challs

72 whiterobber good CTF

72 nosurf Very enjoyable, good challenges

72 muntasirarin Good

70 Syscaller fun and challenging tasks

72 Lordza cool

63 MK37 Nice fun challs, difficulty range (nice for newbies, great for confirmed, too easy for expert), hint policy too permissive, lack of DFIR

40 zavinator Good ctf, but not for weight > 50. balancing

72 _yajog_ Very accessible CTF for newbees and confimed

72 TheMaverick TUff

72 ap3nst0r3 nice

45 crazyman too guessing,,,,,

72 turboD13sel I liked the OSINT tasks and in general, forensics was quite good.

72 ivanelgran best

72 Divsonar-Holden better than utsaw

72 Excellent CTF with good quality challenges, especially pwn.

71 suvoni Categories were a little unbalanced and some guessy challs, but overall a good ctf

72 Nightxade awesome ctf, just wish there was more hard crypto (that is not forgery). had fun tho!

72 Nightxade awesome ctf, just wish there was more hard crypto (that is not forgery). had fun tho!

72 y12uN High quality challenges but crypto a little bit easy

72 AlexanderFPhO Fun challenges & high quality

67 Coffee_N_Shells quite hard, good challenges, and active admins

72 SpaghettiMuffin Hella fun and rlly high quality challenges!

70 mo_amine it was extreeemlyyy good with a lot of good crypto and web challs tysm

72 N0R37urn excellent challs

40 Myldero mostly easy, but some interesting hard challenges, but no shared instances and hints policy can be improved

63 MK37 nice and fun challs, great difficulty range

72 _J0k3r Nice ctf

70 sf_t4ng0 Great!

72 SHAOCHI_LU Good ctf

60 letmewin nice one

72 LilliePlant Fun and unique challenges. Good osint, and learned a lot.

57 muntasirarin Problems were interesting