Voting ended at: Aug. 6, 2017, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 21.03 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 TeamCC_CTF Very good CTF

20 black-bunny nice ctf

5 mkulakov Beginner level ctf. The most tasks are trivial.

25 Ds3c very cool ctf

25 Ds3c very cool ctf

23 0S1RiS Good ctf, nice experience

17 Aether Good CTF even if some of the tasks were a little bit too easy

19 philomath213 nice CTF, but had some problems, we hope they will fix them for the next CTF

23 tenflo Nice, even for beginners

25 muffinx very cool ctf :D <3

20 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 cool ctf

25 aaditya_purani Fun CTF, Average tasks, considering their first attempt in CTF, It was impressive. Should be motivated

25 assaxor Nice CTF

25 1337banana good ctf

25 alissonb Great CTF, nice learning experience

25 mito Good range of challenges. I enjoyed!!

10 laxa It's not worth more than 10, CTF tasks were really easy (at least pwn/re)

20 DrnglVrgs Very good CTF, mix of easy and hard challanges, admins available at all times.

25 einar-lanfranco some downtimes

25 Pwny its acceptable as the first Time you organise a CTF , it was Fun Good job

15 boryspoplawski Quality ok, recommended for beginners.

20 Pyhscript it was fun but way too many challenges for 24h, also downtime

25 korami It had some problems but ended up

13 korami It Had some problems

25 MathisHammel Good challs, release order and timing could have been better. No significant downtime

25 d0minu5 Interesting ctf with lots of tasks

10 harrier Definitely need to improve compare to other CTFs

17 koskei Decent challenges. Points off for the short time and the outages.

25 DeathKan Nice

20 avarx good. deduction for availability

25 vitmalkin orgs need to pay attention for details. Sttill not bad

25 how2hack good

25 F20z3m It's extremely challenge ctf :)

10 mystiz The problems are of low availability, and the hardest problems are released just few hours from the end. Categories are messed: Some stegano

25 kmh11 Fun CTF, good challenges!

25 dapolinario Nice

25 SupraL Nice

25 SupraL Nice

25 hiww Many Problems.

20 Specter Pretty decent CTF - not a fan of some of the really guessy challenges though

25 pedroysb Challenges were good and which different levels. Therefore, everybody could have fun and learn stuffs.

15 cpu Some easy challenges, some guessing, (probably) some hard challenges... it was ok.

5 Pharisaeus Either very trivial or very guessy tasks. Nowhere near 25p rating compared to other 25p CTFs.

25 Corb3nik Despite the fact that some challenges required guessing, most of the challs were fun. Not bad for a first CTF managed by only 5 people.