Voting finishes at: Dec. 17, 2017, 6 a.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


45 ragulbalaji good

45 grimmlin Pwnable were cool but the scoring system/points given per challs should be reviewed

30 harrier Good one, but last year feels better. guessing crypto chall :/

45 harrier Great one :)

30 gnx The servers of some challenges were not stable.

45 p4p1lio_1337133713371337 it was a great CTF, for me is the best one in 2017 season ~

45 slenderestman too much programming but fun

45 defund fun :p

45 dapolinario Great CTF!

45 limit13 It was good

45 0xd13a Interesting challenges, well organized CTF

45 ragulbalaji GOOD

45 M1doriyaaaaaaaaaaaa

45 lolstorm92 Good

45 megumish pwn problems are good.

30 kimiyuki nice, but crypto challenges are easy or guessing

15 icchy reusing problem is a big crime and scoring criteria is totally broken

14 hugeh0ge because some of them reflected on themselves seriously. But still I cannot agree to the rotten system of their creating problems where they

14 hugeh0ge I've know this CTF for 5 years. Compared to its past contests, this CTF got pretty better. This is because they engaged Cykor, and because s

38 bookgin The crypto problem "broadcast" is a pure guessing challenge. We have to guess the protocol from scratch. What's worse, the author of this on

45 F20z3m Extremely hard!

40 laxa Challenges were interesting and fun !

45 vient nice

10 peter50216 Crypto problems are either guessing or easy old problems, and admin is not responsive on IRC.