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Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Language: English & Japanese
How to register:
First, your team leader will need to create a personal account as well as a team account. You have to check "New team" and put in your team name and password.
After your team registration is complete, your team ID will be created. Your team ID will be shown after registration and sent to you by email. Please save it as you will have to share your team ID and team password to your team members.
Each team member has to select "Join team" and type in the team ID and team password when registering their account.


Top 12 teams will be given the berth to the SECCON 2017 Final International competition.
And the following 20 Japanese teams will be given the one to the SECCON 2017 Final Japan competition.
* The team consist of only Japanese members, can choose which competition to participate.
* The only one berth to finals are given a team. So, you cannot simultaneously participate both of finals.

Up to 4 members per team are allowed to participate to the SECCON 2017 finals.
It's not allowed to change the team leader.
For overseas teams, we will support the travel expenses to Japan to only the first place winners of the qualifications according to our budget range.

Final game will hold at Feb17-19,2018 at Tokyo.

(TBA) / SECCON 2017 Final International competition / SECCON 2017 Final Japan competition

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