Voting finishes at: May 7, 2018, 6 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


60 s0rc3r3r Crypto was fun

82 catpawn Nice CTF

82 andreafioraldi nice

5 Mr_Shining some challnges was guessing and unbalanced

15 cebrusfs Most of web challenge need guessing. I only like gameshop challenge which slightly increase few point of my rating.

1 sandelan De├žu parce que trop de guessing

64 sauravchandra Nice CTF

1 sandelan Disappointed because too much gussing

56 fsfs nice

35 david942j The org. emails me and asks me to vote higher. Nice platform but too much guessing.

82 t_r3x Tasks were fun. I had a great time :)

82 rsawald Not bad, I kinda liked it though. Mid level tasks

77 goapsych0 challenging

35 maro

51 r0b0tw4r10r Second CTF after doing Blaze a lot more challenging

30 Strizzi12 Ok ctf, but so much random guessing. Lack of misc challenges. Balancing of points could be better. Nice math challenges.

25 niklasb Overall ok, web and pwn lacked creativity, some web & crypto was guessy.

82 mxms Good CTF :>

82 algoritmi Good CTF

40 vient not bad

82 solarwind nice

82 Voorivex Very interested in, specially, among Iranian CTFs

82 giomke Lack challenges for beginners

60 lerdsuwa Unnecessary thing like the need to OCR the Uncle Sam challenge

82 zhsh Decent crypto challenges.

1 _offw0rld_ bad ctf

82 greatwebapphunter thanks to ASIS team

10 david942j Low score for balance. Bad quality on bought challenges, too much guessing on Web.

80 alfink Good CTF, enough challenges for each category

82 disconnect3d I loved RE challenges; the web ones were also very good.

70 0xd13a Good CTF, lots of tough challenges.

70 toolate Good, there's a nice range of challenge difficulty

60 strassi I liked the web tasks. Uncle Sam OCR was stupid, creative tasks overall

10 akrasuski1 Sorry to say that, but a bunch of guessing or trivial challenges, unlike in older ASIS.

64 guest i like it. hope to see some gradation for new players. which help save time in case tring to solve to difficult task.

82 anonym95.m Well Done

64 noraj good ctf, but there are some guess

60 N4NU good ctf, but there are some guess and broken challenges.

20 ddaa A nice CTF but some pwn challenges are duplicated in other CTF. All Taiwan team can solve TinyPwn immediately because we have solved it befo

82 icchy good

82 zeosutt nice ctf

82 hama awesome