Voting ended at: Oct. 7, 2018, noon

Weight after voting: 36.08 / 37.500

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


37 _2can zajebisty CTF!

37 icchy awesome ctf!

37 sces60107 Great challenges

37 Lays Nice challenges

37 mystiz Well-designed platform and the crypto challenges are fun :P

37 Demoniaque Excellent, interesting(and hard) problems, good infrastructure and not guessy. Would have enjoyed more time to solve.

37 Fish Nice CTF with fun and neat challenges!

37 mans Amazing ctf loved the pwnable challenges. Next time I would like 1 or 2 more days to solve them though.

37 s0rc3r3r Great set of challenges!

37 terjanq Overall great CTF but tasks were too hard for some teams so they couldn't fully participate. Also, serious problems with two web tasks...

37 Ne0 The challenges are great!

26 mebeim Really really loved the site design and the fact that there were only a limited number of challenges, but they all were pretty hard. I certa

37 mr96

37 0xbb zajebisty CTF! Awesome challenge design (hard and to the point). Small number of challs were great for smaller teams. I like the 24h format.