Voting ended at: July 2, 2020, 8 p.m.

Weight after voting: 32.61 / 33.945

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


33 Nexerna Nice and difficult

33 magix :)

33 insomn14 great ctf

31 Eth007 This was a very high quality CTF!

33 CallMeAlasca great learning curve, good challenges even for beginners

33 iczero Challenges were very fun, infrastructure had no issues

33 JC01010 Op

33 danielep Perfect infrastructure, great challenges

33 HashingRoll well organised challenges

33 HashingRoll well organised challenges

33 arvindpunk Amazing CTF, considering they used their own homegrown CTF platform, with updates during the CTF itself. Difficulty curve was good as well.

33 raghulrajasekar98 Great challenges

33 vidner good ctf well played

33 INXS_JOY Great CTF!!

33 Wrth Great CTF!

33 c4p74ln1r5 Awesome CTF. Learnt a lot of stuff during the 4 days.

33 willsroot Really well-organized CTF. Had fun pwnables!

33 JSec goood

33 chinhnt2k3 Awesome CTF, much enjoyed

33 nokorin made hard but good crypto

33 Klecko Nais

33 aryanc403 Good one.

33 .ctos Good CTF

33 UnnaturalFirewall nice

33 Xploit Have challenges from varies different level! will definitely play again next time!

33 j41lbr34k It was fun and a great learning experience!

33 kristebo_ Really nice ctf, hard and cool tasks. funky scoreboard.

33 tansc Great CTF, challenges are solid and interesting.

33 AC01010 good

33 gripingberry Great problems. Hard enough to be very interesting and have no one wipe

33 karmanyaahm Nice and pretty difficult

29 parrot Great ctf

33 KyleForkBomb This was by far the best CTF I have competed in in terms of both challenge quality and infrastructure

33 abinpaul1 Really goog challenges

33 keviin fun

33 Drakon Fantastic except for when it wasn't.

33 kerz Nice challs

33 xreconkillerx Great CTF

33 cwgreene Well run; good range of problem difficulties.

33 jyu78749 I dare to say approaching PlaidCTF quality, amazing for a HS/College-run CTF.

33 __beowulf__ ..

33 maritio_o Really nice CTF!

33 saw-your-packet great ctf

33 profiluefter Good learning curve

29 iman4000 Great ctf

23 iman4000 Great infra and great step by step challs in difficulty :)

33 bAse really good ctf, great infra great challs, great team :)

25 CrypticPoet This was my first CTF, learned a lot. Hopefully I'll be able to crack challenges other than web next time :P

33 joshdabosh very cool

33 warlock_rootx Best ctf, did some web and crypto challenge, nice challenges but no forensic. Perfect Infrastructure zero downtime.

33 CaptainFreak cool CTF. Authors, keep it up ! Really liked web ones.

33 streaker_rules Nice set of challenges. Great CTF

33 officialaimm Nice web challenges with varying difficulties. Amazing infra.

28 0xmmalik Very fun CTF with an amazing infrastructure. But the dynamic scoring was.... hmm...

33 joel-NG Great CTF!

25 J33735H Great CTF

33 DummyH .

33 jack4818 Great CTF, some really interesting crypto challenges. Shame that jep was intended to be solved with some GitHub tool

33 RealJammy Great CTF with rock solid infra!

32 willwam845 Just a -1 for the scoring being a little bit weird, otherwise an amazing CTF with outstanding challenge quality!

33 roerohan Great CTF!

33 suppapan good ctf

33 4dr15hy4 Excellent

33 shikataganai really awesome CTF

33 woa Very tough challenges -- I appreciate the measures taken to reduce guessing

33 fruitfulBrute Intense 4-days, good job!

30 Sparrrgh Fun and challenging, the scoring system was a bit off tho

30 Daddy_Zuccherato Funny and educational ctf

33 aim Very like it, so challenging. Thanks for your work redpwn teams...

23 aim Very like it, so challenging. Thanks for your work redpwn teams...

33 Jafar-Akhondali Interesting challenges

33 kekburger Great infrastructure and great challenges. Deserves more than 33 points.

33 dotsu Impressive challenges

33 hyperreality Outstanding, surely the best high school CTF. Well-designed challenges and minimal forenshits and guessography

33 DaKeiser Amazing CTF, learnt many new things

33 Isopach Fun and educational.

33 ZetaTwo Great CTF!