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Good afternoon, recruit! Welcome to Privacy Department. We work closely with all megacorporations and try to help them to save trade secrets. And as you can see… we have a lot of work because some people can’t keep their mouth shut.
Could you help to Department and find evidences against targets, that we’ll give to you?
That's a bargain!
Then here’s your first objective - Elton Badget. These man wants to disclose the name of secret project. Try to find the leak.


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Google "Elton Badget", first result is LinkedIn: http://ru.linkedin.com/pub/elton-badget/93/aa/42

Read the initials of his "also knows about" section: Firewalls, Logistics Management, Apache, Graphic Design, IT Management, Servers, Database Design, IT Outsourcing, Computer Security, Technical Writing, ISO, 0-in, Network Security, Analytics, Risk Assessment, Yoga