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TJCTF 2020Zipped Up [70]read writeup
Houseplant CTF 2020Imagery [1850]read writeup
Houseplant CTF 2020Jess's Guitar [1872]read writeup
Houseplant CTF 2020Ezoterik [1334]read writeup
Houseplant CTF 2020DeepLyrics [1298]read writeup
Houseplant CTF 2020Neko Hero [50]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Fragile Foundations [300]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Sensitive [150]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020A Nation State Musical read writeup
UMDCTF 2020SomeZips [500]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Jarred-1 [200]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Jarred-3 [800]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Zero Cool [150]read writeup
UMDCTF 2020Cool Coin [150]read writeup
Securinets CTF Quals 2020Time Problems [993]read writeup
Securinets CTF Quals 2020Time Matters [977]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Late PR [200]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Slow Realization [200]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Save Earth [150]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Magic PNGs [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019welcome [50]read writeup
OtterCTFOtter Leak [200]read writeup
OtterCTFBirdman's Data [150]read writeup
OtterCTF13 - Closure [400]read writeup
OtterCTF12 - Recovery [300]read writeup
OtterCTF11 - Graphic's For The Weak [150]read writeup
OtterCTF10 - Bit 4 Bit [100]read writeup
OtterCTF7 - Hide And Seek [100]read writeup
OtterCTF6 - Silly Rick [100]read writeup
OtterCTF4 - Name Game [100]read writeup
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