Ghettohackers: Throwback
A .txt file is provided with the following content:


Given that our brains have been compromised since a long time by playing too many CTFs, we quickly figured out that it was enough to count the number of chars before each `!` to get the index of a single letter of the flag. For instance, `Anyo! = d` because there are 4 chars before the `!` and so we must consider the 4th letter of the English alphabet.

Python one-liner to solve the challenge:

>>> import string
>>> s = 'Anyo!e!howouldsacrificepo!icyforexecu!!onspeedthink!securityisacomm!ditytop!urintoasy!tem!'
>>> ''.join(string.ascii_lowercase[len(c)-1] if c else ' ' for c in s.split('!')).rstrip()
'dark logic'

Flag: `dark logic`

Original writeup (https://mhackeroni.it/archive/2018/05/20/defconctfquals-2018-all-writeups.html#ghettohackers-throwback).