Also known as
  • PastalPesto
  • KJC+MHackeroni
  • mhackernoi



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@towerofhanoi + @c00kiesATvenice + @TheRomanXpl0it + @n0pwnintended = @mhackeroni

On December 2018 KJC joined forces with mhackeroni as KJC+MHackeroni to win 35c3ctf

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 90 with 293.670 pts in 2023

Country place: 9

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
20HITCON CTF 2023 Quals2061.000033.644
10DEF CON CTF 20234562.000019.503
1Hack-A-Sat 4 Finals80000.00000.000
13UIUCTF 20233166.000035.279
22Google Capture The Flag 20232571.000037.213
8DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20232920.000068.975
2Hack-A-Sat 4 Qualifiers3001.000053.298
21hxp CTF 20221413.000032.898
10KalmarCTF 20237024.000012.860

Overall rating place: 184 with 152.113 pts in 2022

Country place: 12

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
5HITCON CTF 20224035.000075.747
45Google Capture The Flag 20221275.000018.631
19DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20221054.000035.064
9Hack-A-Sat 3 Qualifiers1728.000022.671

Overall rating place: 135 with 173.022 pts in 2021

Country place: 6

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
5HITB PRO CTF 202168466.21000.000
13DEF CON CTF 2021184.000027.423
153Google Capture The Flag 2021204.00003.758
11Hack-A-Sat 2 Qualifiers1504.000015.692
11DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20212161.000057.548
10PlaidCTF 20213291.000063.624
16LINE CTF 20211055.00004.977

Overall rating place: 40 with 392.224 pts in 2020

Country place: 1

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
50hxp CTF 2020546.00008.224
23pbctf 20201072.00005.841
2HITCON CTF 20204153.0000129.770
53Google Capture The Flag 20201029.000015.762
13DEF CON CTF 2020273.000034.403
15Hack-A-Sat Qualifiers1618.000011.863
13DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20202443.000038.165
4CTFZone 2020 Finals11223.923926.333
13PlaidCTF 20204051.000067.532
12Codegate CTF 2020 Preliminary4666.000010.171

Overall rating place: 50 with 283.243 pts in 2019

Country place: 2

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
2CTFZone 2019 Quals4653.000041.329
3HITB PRO CTF 201951661.070025.781
57Real World CTF 2019 Quals128.00001.607
5DEF CON CTF 2019556.000055.929
8WCTF 2019 ONLINE510.00000.725
45Google Capture The Flag 2019 (Quals)1042.000023.702
57Facebook CTF 20193189.00003.866
18DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20192230.000037.956
21PlaidCTF 20192941.000052.762
260CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals1513.000025.319
17Insomni'hack teaser 2019752.000014.994

Overall rating place: 15 with 435.178 pts in 2018

Country place: 1

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
135C3 CTF4297.0000200.000
693RITSEC CTF 2018101.00000.308
7DEF CON CTF 2018547.000049.828
19Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)2455.000032.065
8FAUST CTF 201810056.000017.947
3RCTF 201810341.000030.086
2DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20184066.0000104.944

Organized CTF events

mHackeCTF - Enterprise Edition25.00

Team members

Team writeups

hxp CTF 2020hackme [417]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020atoms [296]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Telescope [384]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020SOP [305]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020AC1750 [168]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Baby Shock [201]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Revenge of Baby Shock [230]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Revenge of Pwn [255]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Tenet [222]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020Welcome [50]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020100 pins [350]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2020dual [298]read writeup
HITCON CTF 202011011001 [255]read writeup
PlaidCTF 2020JSON Bourne [200]read writeup
CTFZone 2019 QualsChicken read writeup
WCTF 2019 ONLINEBabyPwn [150]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2019 (Quals)MicroServiceDaemonOS [215]read writeup
Facebook CTF 2019asciishop [985]read writeup
Codegate CTF 2019 Preliminary20000 [6.8]read writeup
Codegate CTF 2019 Preliminarymini converter [21.3]read writeup
35C3 CTFnewphonewhodis [451]read writeup
35C3 CTFJuggle [90]read writeup
WCTF 2018 ONLINEParty [120]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)DogeStore [267]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)MITM [243]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)DM Collision [176]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)execve sandbox [283]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)SFTP [181]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)Keygenme [249]read writeup
DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2018You Already Know [101]read writeup
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