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## Music.png - Misc 300:

**Description:** Name that tune
**Challenge:** music.png
**Difficulty:** Medium
**Solved by:** Tahar

We start by downloading the challenge file and opening it, we see some kind of random colors & points! I have been trying to do many tricks that I used to do with Steganography challenges before! None worked, I asked for help and a friend gave me a hint, he said only one Word that let me work on it till the end!

My friend said: LSB. It means the "**Least Significant Bit**", and I was able to start working on it by just using this little ONE-WORD hint! I always use a well known toolkit for LSB-Challenges, the name is **Zsteg** and you can find it on Github! I downloaded the tool and installed it on my VM Box to start solving the challenge.

I started running the **zsteg** toolkit and used the following command: ```zsteg -all music.png```, and got some kind of weird text replying in the whole output of the toolkit! That was actually an interesting thing to look for.

I started by **Googling** for that output text, and found out that it was a Music :3 **https://jhirniak.github.io/Never-Gonna-Rick-You-Up/index.html**

I Googled again using the name that was appearing in the **URL** ```Never-Gonna-Rick-You-Up``` and I found out another well known music (Following the Challenge Description: **Name the Tune**). So probably the name of that tune is the flag that we are looking for!

I made my flag and solved that challenge that took me a lot of time and overthinking =)


Original writeup (https://github.com/ImperiumCTF/Writeups/blob/master/RITSEC%20CTF%202018/Misc/Music.png.md).
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