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This Challenge gives us an encrypted file (flag.enc) and a PEM file (pub.key) containing the public key. This is clearly a RSA Challenge.

The first step is to extract the public key:

`openssl rsa -in pub.key -pubin -text -noout`

We obtain:

n = 0x03a6160848fb1734cbd0fa22cef582e849223ac04510d51502556b6476d07397f03df155289c20112e87c6f35361d9eb622ca4a0e52d9cd87bf723526c826b88387d06abc4279e353f12ad8ec62ea73c47321a20b89644889a792a73152bc7014b80a693d2e58b123fa925c356b1eba037a4dcac8d8de809167a6fcc30c5c785

e = 0x0365962e8daba7ba92fc08768a5f73b3854f4c79969d5518a078a034437c4669bdb705be4d8b8babf4fda1a6e715269e87b28eecb0d4e02726a27fb8721863740720f583688e5567eb10729bb0d92b322d719949e40c57198d764f1c633e5e277da3d3281ece2ce2eb4df945be5afc3e78498ed0489b2459059664fe15c88a33

One interesting thing is the public exponent is quite large, approximately modulus. I immediately refer to Wiener's attack. But after trying to implement this attack, I still cannot find the private exponent.

### What is the problem?

After a while of confusion and reading other attacks on RSA, I started paying attention to the Challenge name and realized Bodu = Boneh and Durfee attack.

The explanation is, Wiener’s attack is only applied when `d

Original writeup (https://github.com/everping/ctfs/tree/master/2015/10/asis/crypto/Bodu).