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# Put your thang down flip it and reverse it

so this challenge was a little bit messy

I started by looking at the main function in Cutter:

![main function](https://github.com/pop-eax/DawgCTF/raw/master/RE/Put%20your%20thang%20down%20flip%20it%20and%20reverse%20it/main.png)

from here I knew that the flag length is 43

digging deeper into the app I started to feel more lost


each function is weirder, and more complicated

at this point I thought that writting a decoder in python will just be a pain
so I fireup ltrace

`ltrace ./missyelliott`


in this picture we can see the encoded flag in the strcmp, but it's kinda trimeed
so I used `ltrace -s 50 ./missyelliott`
at this point I thought about creating a dictionary based on all the alpahapet :)
after playing with some input, I relaized that the encoder can work as a decoder
it just works both ways

so I just threw the encoded flag and here we go:
`echo -e "A\365Q\321Ma\325\351i\211\031\335\t\021\211\313\235\311i\361m\321}\211\331\265Y\221Y\2611Ym\321\213!\235\325=\031\021y\335"| ltrace -s 50 ./missyelliott`



and it worked :D

Original writeup (https://github.com/pop-eax/DawgCTF/blob/master/RE/Put%20your%20thang%20down%20flip%20it%20and%20reverse%20it/README.md).
arty-hlrApril 14, 2020, 8:45 a.m.

And in the end you still have no idea what those functions did :D btw, the flag used for the strcmp was easily findable by using gdb instead of going through ltrace ;)