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## [Original/Source Writeup](https://bigpick.github.io/TodayILearned/articles/2020-10/b01lersbootcamp#first-day-inspection)

Navigating to the site, we just see a mostly blank page, other than the text:

Hm… OK. /robots.txt doesn’t exist.

Viewing home page source we find the following in the code:



OK, so seems like we need to find the remaining four pieces of the flag, throughout the site’s internal somehow. Probably will be lots of examining source / using Chrome Dev Tools.

In the home page, there is a referenced styles.css and script.js. Examining the CSS file, we find part 3:

/* (3/5): 0m3_ */

And examining the JS file, we find part 4:

// (4/5): t0_E

Next, I went to check the cookies, and found part 2 of the flag sitting as an error message in the web console, as output from script.js:

2/5): w3lc
(anonymous) @ script.js:4

OK, one part left! The cookies didn’t end up containing anything useful, so that was a dead end.

However, searching the Storage, specifically the “Local Storage” tab under Chrome Dev Tools, we can find the last part:
Key Value
(5/5) NC0M}

So putting it all together, flag is `flag{w3lc0m3_t0_ENC0M}`.