## [Original/Source Writeup](https://bigpick.github.io/TodayILearned/articles/2020-10/b01lersbootcamp#zima-blue)

We’re given:


The description hints we need to find some sort of hidden data in the image:

> it features his signature shade of blue. I honestly don’t get it. Is he hiding a message in his art somehow?

[Stegsolve](https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools/tree/master/stegsolve) is great to fire up and just quickly thumb through the possiblities for these types of challenges:

java -jar ./Stegsolve.jar

We can see the flag in a few of the different color bit planes, here is Blue 3:


Flag is `flag{t3ll_by_th3_p1x3ls}`.