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## [Original/Source Writeup](https://bigpick.github.io/TodayILearned/articles/2020-10/b01lersbootcamp#troll-hunt)

OK - last Misc challenge sounds like some OSINT. All we have to go off of is the hashtag, #shrive, and that the content associated with it has something to do with “ransomware-esque virus”.

Searching Twitter for the keywords **“#shrive”** and **“malware”** leads us to [this result page](https://twitter.com/search?q=%23shrive%20malware&src=typed_query).


That sounds like who we’re looking for. Examining Twitter user [@V760DHM](https://twitter.com/V760DHM) profile, we see a few tweets about related information.

Since we had to “find another one of their accounts”, I tried running the username through [namechk](https://namechk.com/) but that didn’t get any results.

Scrolling through the twitter page more, we find one Tweet about an Imgur link, [way at the bottom of the profile](https://twitter.com/V760DHM/status/1311551737380179968).


BUT, notice the username on the Imgur profile; it’s the same as the twitter one! Searching through that [Imgur profile](https://imgur.com/user/v760dhm), there’s only one other photo: the troll meme face. Inspecting that photo, we see the flag in the comments.

Flag is `flag{shu7_up_4nd_d4nc3_G5jM30}`.