# [Original writeup here](https://joyce.fyi/posts/bo1lers-bootcamp-2020/#troll-hunt)

Looking on Twitter for the hashtag `#shrive`, we see there's [this account](https://twitter.com/V760DHM) that's been tweeting for the last few days about `#shrive` and malware ...


Scrolling through their timeline, we see that on Oct 2 they tweeted "OH SHOOT", followed by "nothing suspicious here" half an hour later. I tried going on the Wayback Machine to check this profile, but there were no snapshots taken.

Scrolling all the way down to their first tweet: https://twitter.com/V760DHM/status/1311551737380179968 that gives us a link.

Which then takes us to their [Imgur account](https://imgur.com/user/v760dhm) with the same name. Going to the trollface image and clicking "Show bad comments" will then reveal their comment, with one downvote, containing the flag.

**Flag**: `flag{shu7_up_4nd_d4nc3_G5jM30}`

Original writeup (https://joyce.fyi/posts/bo1lers-bootcamp-2020/#troll-hunt).