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## Troll Hunt - 100pts

We've identified a malicious troll who may be linked to a ransomware-esque virus. They've been making posts using the hashtag "#shrive". For now, just sift through the irrelevant junk and try to find another one of their accounts.

### Solution

First, i tried to look up at #shrive on twitter, but it was too crowded with other users using the hashtag. However, when i searched #shrive malware a user by the name V760DHM popped up.
Looking at it's twitter page, it's first post was a picture linked to imgur. After that, when i open it's imgur page, an image of a trollface show up. The flag in the post, under the comment section.





__flag : flag{shu7_up_4nd_d4nc3_G5jM30}__

Original writeup (https://github.com/ilhamhanifan/ctf_writeup/blob/main/b01lers2020-MISC.md).