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# Peculiar Gifts
**Category** : Misc
**Author**: EuroStar
> Hey! I found these two pictures under the Christmas tree! They seem a little bit odd... do you think there might be something hidden inside them? I'll let you take a look.

**Attached files (Gifts.zip)** :
* GIFTS.jpg
* XMAS.jpeg

## Intended solution
The challenge comes with two attached jpeg files. Since this challenge is in the "misc" category, there is a good change **steganography** was used to hide the flag in the image.

Since the both files are jpgs, the tool that was most likely used to embed data in the files is [steghide](http://steghide.sourceforge.net/).

### Straight-up guessing the password

Steghide however, requires a password to recover hidden data. At this point you need to channel your inner Guess God and guess that the password "XMAS" was used for `XMAS.jpeg`.

> steghide --extract -sf XMAS.jpeg -xf - -p "XMAS"
--- Message from Santa Claus ---

Did you know that base64 can be used for encoding scripts and websites?
Maybe we can use it for our gifts.

This message hints at the use of base64 for the remaining jpeg file. By encoding its file name in base64, we can extract the flag:
> echo -n "GIFTS" | base64
> steghide --extract -sf GIFTS.jpg -xf - -p "R0lGVFM="

### Bruteforcing the password

If you, like me, are not psychic, you may struggle with the first step. Instead of coming up with guesses yourself, you could use a bruteforcer like [stegseek *](https://github.com/RickdeJager/stegseek) along with a large wordlist ([crackstations for example](https://crackstation.net/crackstation-wordlist-password-cracking-dictionary.htm))
> stegseek XMAS.jpeg crackstation-human-only.txt
Stegseek version 0.4
[i] Read the entire wordlist (63941069 words), starting cracker
[ 62829393 / 63941069 ] (98,26%)
[i] --> Found passphrase: "XMAS"

[i] Original filename: "xmas.txt"
[i] Extracting to "XMAS.jpeg.out"

## Unintended solve, not using a password at all

Turns out there is a really easy way to solve this challenge, because the author disabled steghides encryption. This allows you to retrieve the flag directly without needing the correct password

> stegseek --seed GIFTS.jpg -
Stegseek version 0.4
[ 823160104 / 4294967295 ] (19,17%)
[i] --> Found seed: "45ff2f96"

Plain size: 47,0 Byte(s) (compressed)
Encryption Algorithm: none
Encryption Mode: cbc
[i] Original filename: "flag.txt"
[i] Extracting to stdout

\* **Disclaimer**: I wrote this tool, other steghide bruteforcers are available :) .

chinhnt2k3Dec. 19, 2020, 4:50 p.m.

Bad chall, guessy and abuse of tools.