**Description**: The secretary of earth defense has been kidnapped. We have sent our elite team on the enemy's base to find his location. Our team only managed to intercept this traffic. Your mission is to retrieve secretary's hidden location.

**Stars**: 1/5

key_mission.pcap - a USB pcap

**Goal**: Get flag from the USB pcap


Very similar challenge to the ones on NahamCon and Tenable CTFs:


Read these write=ups to learn more.

Only difference here was a slight modification to the script to actually involve repeated characters in the flag (except for when there was a capital letter followed by lowercase letter) when user pressed 2 keys at the same time. In previous challenges these were not included (it's more consistent with specifications imho).

Original writeup (https://github.com/lasq88/CTF/tree/main/HTB%20Cyber%20Apocalypse%202021/forensics_key_mission).