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## Discord PingPong

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Discord PingPong challenge was a great challenge and i loved it very much. Here is how i managed to solve it.

In this challenge you are provided with a binary `discordbot`. Which implements an actual discord bot.
When you run it you get:
joe@system:~/Desktop$ ./discordbot

Successfully connected to Discord API
Last message in #general is: Welcome to our secret server! Only trusted bots and users have access to the secret channels. Our secret plans have been moved from here to a secret channel.
Bot is now running. Press CTRL-C to exit.

So we have been given the actual bot's binary! What can we find in that binary? Usernames? Passwords? Tokens?
Debugging time!

joe@system:~/Desktop$ gdb ./discordbot
gef➤ r
Starting program: /home/john/Desktop/DCTF/discordbot
[New LWP 9181]
[New LWP 9182]
[New LWP 9183]
Successfully connected to Discord API
[New LWP 9184]
Last message in #general is: Welcome to our secret server! Only trusted bots and users have access to the secret channels. Our secret plans have been moved from here to a secret channel.
Bot is now running. Press CTRL-C to exit.
[New LWP 9185]
[New LWP 9186]

Ctrl+Z <= pause the program
The first thing i searched was for usernames and tokens using the `grep` command in gdb gef.

gef➤ grep "username"
[+] Searching 'username' in memory
[+] In '/home/john/Desktop/DCTF/discordbot'(0x6bf000-0x91c000), permission=r--
0x6c3829 - 0x6c3831 → "username"
0x6d35ef - 0x6d35f7 → "username[...]"
0x75da5d - 0x75da94 → "username/passwordjson: Unexpected key typejson: un[...]"
0x75e4c9 - 0x75e500 → "username/password%s Failed (%s), Retrying...363797[...]"
0x7614f9 - 0x761530 → "username/password versionleafCounts[maxBits][maxBi[...]"
0x763f6b - 0x763fa2 → "username/password authentication failedx509: faile[...]"
[+] In (0xc000000000-0xc000600000), permission=rw-
0xc00006b651 - 0xc00006b688 → "username":"Totally a secure Discord bot","mfa_enab[...]" ; Interesting???
0xc0003359c0 - 0xc0003359c8 → "username[...]"
0xc0003359d1 - 0xc0003359db → "username":"
0xc0003359e1 - 0xc0003359eb → "username":"

gef➤ x/s 0xc00006b651
0xc00006b651: "username\":\"Totally a secure Discord bot\",\"mfa_enabled\":false,\"id\":\"838867008127893545\",\"flags\":0,\"email\":null,\"discriminator\":\"8463\",\"bot\":true,\"avatar\":null},\"session_id\":\"07b7a5f1fa591540510acc0576469708\",\"relationships\":[],\"private_channels\":[],\"presences\":[],\"guilds\":[{\"unavailable\":true,\"id\":\"838867536220127303\"}],\"guild_join_requests\":[],\"geo_ordered_rtc_regions\":[\"europe\",\"russia\",\"india\",\"southafrica\",\"us-east\"],\"applic"

`username:"Totally a secure Discord bot"`

As we can see above we found the bot's username and his client id. But unfortuantly we can't invite the bot to our own server because is registered as non-public bot. So we have to find another way to interact with it.

The next thing i searched was for tokens, if we manage to steal his token we can log in as we were the bot!

gef➤ grep "token"
[+] Searching 'token' in memory
[+] In '/home/john/Desktop/DCTF/discordbot'(0x6bf000-0x91c000), permission=r--
0x6c0eeb - 0x6c0ef0 → "token"
0x6c19d8 - 0x6c19de → "tokens"
0x6c5df4 - 0x6c5dfe → "tokenError"
0x6c5e01 - 0x6c5e0b → "tokenStack"
0x6c5e0e - 0x6c5e18 → "tokenState"
0x6c732c - 0x6c7331 → "token[...]"
0x6c95d3 - 0x6c95e0 → "tokenValueEnd"
0x6c9799 - 0x6c979e → "token"
0x6cd72f - 0x6cd740 → "tokenValueAllowed"
0x6cf246 - 0x6cf24b → "token[...]"
0x6d0eab - 0x6d0ec0 → "tokenPrepareForDecode"
0x6eaf08 - 0x6eaf28 → "token""; MFA bool "json:"mfa"" }"
0x704da5 - 0x704dd5 → "token""; SessionID string "json:"session_id""; S"
0x7583b2 - 0x7583e9 → "tokenfloat32nan2float64nan1float64nan2float64nan3g[...]"
0x75f45f - 0x75f496 → "token too longcrypto/aes: invalid key size crypto/[...]"
0x760ce5 - 0x760d1c → "token after slashnon-Go code disabled sigaltstackn[...]"
0x76384e - 0x763885 → "tokennet/http: invalid header field name %qruntime[...]"
0x766929 - 0x766960 → "token. %vbufio: writer returned negative count fro[...]"
0x767c35 - 0x767c6c → "tokens without progressingchacha20: internal error[...]"
0x76b183 - 0x76b1ba → "token was not a bot token. Please add "Bot " to th[...]"
0x76b197 - 0x76b1ce → "token. Please add "Bot " to the start of your toke[...]"
0x76b1c5 - 0x76b1fc → "token. https://discord.com/developers/docs/referen[...]"
0x76b215 - 0x76b21a → "token[...]"
0x7e5d93 - 0x7e5d9f → "token.length"
0x7e5dc9 - 0x7e5dd5 → "token.offset"
0x7e85f8 - 0x7e8602 → "tokenEqual"
0x7f0ef7 - 0x7f0f08 → "tokenValueAllowed"
0x7f0f22 - 0x7f0f2f → "tokenValueEnd"
0x7f1037 - 0x7f104c → "tokenPrepareForDecode"
0x7f8aab - 0x7f8adb → "token""; SessionID string "json:"session_id""; S"
0x7fb123 - 0x7fb143 → "token""; MFA bool "json:"mfa"" }"
0x803a7e - 0x803a86 → "token.go"
[+] In (0xc000000000-0xc000600000), permission=rw-
0xc00001ac4e - 0xc00001ac56 → "token":""
0xc000070e4e - 0xc000070e85 → "token":"Bot ODM4ODY3MDA4MTI3ODkzNTQ1.YJBVyA.zTQk10[...]" <== Bingo!!!
0xc0002ccb38 - 0xc0002ccb3d → "token"
0xc0002ccb41 - 0xc0002ccb46 → "token[...]"
0xc0002ccb49 - 0xc0002ccb4e → "token[...]"
0xc000335aa8 - 0xc000335aad → "token"
0xc000335ab1 - 0xc000335ab6 → "token[...]"
0xc000335ab9 - 0xc000335abe → "token[...]"

gef➤ x/s 0xc000070e4e
0xc000070e4e: "token\":\"Bot ODM4ODY3MDA4MTI3ODkzNTQ1.YJBVyA.zTQk10ZIQpMfT_Evi00sAkt5KIA\",\"properties\":{\"$os\":\"linux\",\"$browser\":\"DiscordGo v0.23.0\",\"$device\":\"\",\"$referer\":\"\","
`"token":"Bot ODM4ODY3MDA4MTI3ODkzNTQ1.YJBVyA.zTQk10ZIQpMfT_Evi00sAkt5KIA"`
Bingo!! we found the bot token!

With that token you can impersonate the bot. This token is equivalent to a login cookie but for discord. You can interact with the discord api as the creator's bot. There is a patched version of discord which makes the login process more much more easy.

Downloading `discord-bot-client` and sign in with the above bot token:


Original writeup (https://github.com/glikogataki/Yet_Another_DCTF_Writeup/blob/main/Discord_PingPong.md).
qualormMay 17, 2021, 10:54 p.m.

Great writeup!