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#NDH Quals CTF 2016 : Trololo

**Category:** Forensic **Points:** 100 **Solves:** 83

> Description : A computer belonging to a new company has been infected by a malware. This is a known version of a cryptolocker software, that uses a irc server to received commands. Let's try to grab its password...


We begin this challenge with a [pcap](https://github.com/hexpresso/WU-2016/blob/master/nuit-du-hack-ctf-quals-2016/forensic/Trololo/trololo.pcap). First thing done, we opened this pcap with wireshark and then checked the protocol hierarchy `Wireshark > Statistics > Protocol Hierarchy`. We saw that 99% of the traffic where RTP, there are also some ICMP and HTTP too. So, let's see if we have any HTTP Object inside this pcap `Wireshark > File > Export Objects > HTTP`. Nice, we have a [config.enc](https://github.com/hexpresso/WU-2016/blob/master/nuit-du-hack-ctf-quals-2016/forensic/Trololo/config.enc) file.

$ file config.enc
config.enc: Non-ISO extended-ASCII text, with very long lines, with NEL line terminators

With the description, we know the company have been infected with a malware, the config.enc is probably encrypted. We started to analyse it and to look for a key or any other element in some packet. One of our test on the analyse with [xortool](https://github.com/hellman/xortool) where nice.

$ xortool config.enc
The most probable key lengths:
1: 82.9%
58: 9.2%
64: 7.9%
Let's try with the most frequent char to help xortool:
$ xortool -l 1 -c 20 config.enc
1 possible key(s) of length 1:
Found 1 plaintexts with 95.0%+ printable characters

Bingo, we got an xml file [O.out](https://github.com/hexpresso/WU-2016/blob/master/nuit-du-hack-ctf-quals-2016/forensic/Trololo/O.out) generated in xortool_out:

**Flag:** orudeujieh6oonge4She

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Original writeup (https://github.com/hexpresso/WU-2016/tree/master/nuit-du-hack-ctf-quals-2016/forensic/Trololo).