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I underlined the important parts in the image. So we know that we are looking for a guy who is interested in online learning and human-computer interaction. **(hint1)**

So i simply typed google:


### Found a website, but don't help us. So my second dork was like this:


### After a bit scroll down, i found some useful links on researchgate. To whom don't know researchgate, it is a website like google academic for publishing articles.

### So in here we found a common name, Harry B. Santoso , this is enough for getting suspicious.

![3 1](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/75025215/133151889-9e738b51-fd5c-472e-b5e3-167931d8072c.PNG)
![3 2](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/75025215/133151897-9bfc7730-9f3e-46ee-bb24-4b756924cae9.PNG)

### These to both about online learning. After that i did some research of this name. And found this, which confirms hint1.

![3 3](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/75025215/133152128-e0bd09c4-e076-40e5-b301-e3e1f11beedf.PNG)

### So let's continue.

[Harry B. Santoso](https://cs.ui.ac.id/personnel/harry-budi-santoso/) has a [linkedin](https://www.linkedin.com/in/harry-b-santoso-11191224/?originalSubdomain=id) page.


![3 4](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/75025215/133152265-ac6336f7-e124-482b-967e-d71767e626fc.PNG)

This is good. We found the lab's name: Digital Library and Distance Learning Lab

And their [website](http://dl2.cs.ui.ac.id/):


You can look members for assistants name, but this won't help according to **hint2**.
But what we know is that we are looking for a product that belongs to this lab.

Under research tab, you can find it.



So some contains links,
- https://scele.cs.ui.ac.id/ No this is not.(hint4)
- http://i-oer.com/ This is more like a russian website.
- https://lontar.cs.ui.ac.id/Lontar/opac/themes/newui/ This could be, but not since 2016, its since 2009. (But don't skip this, this link is not completely useless, we'll come back later.)
- http://esfindo.cs.ui.ac.id/ No dns records for this, so out of assessment
- http://www.pusatbahasaarab.com/ Nah, not the one.
- http://monitoring.cs.ui.ac.id/login Yeah, this is the one.

So in here you may ask how do you know that their publishing times, so here is the [wayback machine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayback_Machine) this is for.


This self-monitoring website was publishing since 23 October 2016.

We are one step close to the answer now.
> COMPFEST13{monitoring.cs.ui.ac.id_

So here comes the difficult part. We know a research assistant published a report at 2018 about this site and it's in faculty's library.
In this part, i struggled a bit, because i can't go to Indonesia for this report. I did some research online, maybe it would have been leaked in somewhere, vain...
But my mind helped me and i remembered this https://lontar.cs.ui.ac.id/Lontar/opac/themes/newui

Yeah this was a project that Digital Library and Distance Learning Lab had designed. **DIGITAL LIBRARY!!!**

After that, easy. I simply typed self-monitoring and:


According to **hint3** we found our guy and also the report which has an indonesian title.

You can try both names, in hint3 this was also mentioned. We know that Muhammed Luqman Hakim is our guy

# COMPFEST13{monitoring.cs.ui.ac.id_muhammadluqmanhakim}

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