**Full write-up (+files):** [https://www.sebven.com/ctf/2021/11/16/K3RN3LCTF2021-Poly-Proof.html](https://www.sebven.com/ctf/2021/11/16/K3RN3LCTF2021-Poly-Proof.html)

Cryptography – 490 pts (11 solves) – Chall author: Polymero (me)

They asked me to set up a zero-knowledge proof that runs in polynomial time. I don’t know what that means but I assume they want me to use polynomials, right?

nc ctf.k3rn3l4rmy.com 2232

Files: polyproof.py

This challenge was part of our very first CTF, K3RN3LCTF 2021.

Original writeup (https://www.sebven.com/ctf/2021/11/16/K3RN3LCTF2021-Poly-Proof.html).