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# I Forgot Something Important writeup
### IQ-toppene

You are provided with a Facebook link to the person's profile. When you click on it, and check the URL, you can see that the person's username is ***vallaisonnayskala***. Using DuckDuckGo, I searched it, and found a link to a YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWmKsFlJrkTojli1FtLKQjA/videos

The only video posted is called "somewhere in between". When checking the "info" page of the user, you can see that the person is based in Graz, a city in Austria, so we have probably found an account owned by the right person. There is also a button to show her email address: [email protected]. The email address will be used soon.

In the video, you can see some windows open in the background and one of them includes some of her contact information:


You can see 8 digits of her phone number. You only need the last 2 digits, as well as the country code.
Using the mail address, I went into http://mail.yahoo.com and used the provided email [email protected]. After clicking "next", I clicked on "Forgot password" and got this: ![Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/qRNfdth.png)

providing the last 2 digits.

Austria's country code is +43, so now we just have to create the flag: