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This call was a lot awkward to be honest so

This is going to be a double hunt...

My childhood Fr1end James has posted something about the project he made on his socials (just to flaunt). Today is our submission day and my Fr1end James is absent. Yesterday when we met him, he told me, "Mark can you submit my project also with yours, as I will be going out of the city tomorrow morning." He forgot to tell me anything about his project. He is not even picking up my phone.

Help me find him and of course his project.

### Soln
Here it was first some story of James and Mark so I simply searched for James and Mark and came around a YouTube channel now I thought this is gonna be easy until I searched there whole channel for any story related to the description.

Then I say the fr1end James written and tried searching the google for it which didnt turn around well as it mentioned some Adult sites there!

I already knew this is not going well around so I started searching social networking sites starting from Instagram but what I found was just a trippy guy selling his rolex watch lmao.

Then I went forward to twitter and here as I searched for fr1end James the first thing to pop up was a account with a post:

Here in this tweet he mentioned ```Endsem_Last_Minute-Project``` which I thought is quoting something when I thought of projects which linked me with github. First I tried searching fr1endjames but there was no user with such account and the proceeded with Endsem_Last_Minute-Project then:

I found this where I opened his initial repository and found 21 commits on the page.

So I decided to 1 by 1 review each repo and then

When I opened this update commit there was a flag laying there :)



Original writeup (https://github.com/CBC-MIT/CTF-Writeups/tree/main/VishwaCTF2k23/Fr1endship%20Forever).