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  • nCreepsMUJ

Academic team MIT ADT University



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A CTF team formed by the student driven Cybersecurity and Blockchain Club (CBC) from MIT-ADT University, Pune.

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 197 with 57.259 pts in 2024

Country place: 14

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
98CursedCTF 2024 Quals2451.00002.706
423UTCTF 2024730.00001.822
116JerseyCTF IV3092.00002.537
58Texas Security Awareness Week 20241050.00006.910
180 WolvCTF 20241000.00002.567
1201753CTF 2024300.00001.321
130KalmarCTF 2024100.00000.432
178Nullcon Berlin HackIM 2024 CTF51.00000.235
1111Cyber Apocalypse 2024: Hacker Royale4500.00005.392
22WxMCTF 20243421.000011.947
44Shakti CTF1900.00009.107
118Pearl CTF622.00001.364
48VishwaCTF 20245326.000012.907
669DiceCTF 2024 Quals1.00000.091
138KnightCTF 2024800.00000.572
397Insomni'hack teaser 20244.00000.135

Overall rating place: 481 with 90.216 pts in 2023

Country place: 19

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
227 GlacierCTF 2023160.00000.708
84M*CTF 2023 Quals100.00000.403
250SunshineCTF 2023301.00003.159
283Balsn CTF 202350.00001.090
54Winja CTF | Nullcon Goa 2023210.00000.507
79PatriotCTF 20235629.00009.695
97HITCON CTF 2023 Quals50.00001.724
286DownUnderCTF 20231575.00006.288
355Tenable CTF 2023509.00001.809
113Securinets CTF Quals 2023100.00001.841
257corCTF 20232.00000.153
177CrewCTF 2023500.00000.495
786UIUCTF 20231.00000.074
653Google Capture The Flag 202350.00000.788
179NahamCon CTF 20233293.00005.853
172TyphoonCon CTF 202325.00000.136
199GPN CTF 2023200.00000.461
213HSCTF 102719.00006.834
167DanteCTF 2023633.00002.117
216UMDCTF 2023913.00001.885
345D^3CTF 20231.00000.084
349TAMUctf 2023387.00001.026
41JerseyCTF III7962.00008.187
194PlaidCTF 20231.00000.545
273Midnight Flag - Black Box100.00000.410
80Midnight Sun CTF 2023 Quals420.00003.511
199DamCTF 2023383.00002.272
179GREP CTF200.00000.676
345RITSEC CTF 2023561.00001.924
10VishwaCTF 20236153.000016.219
309LINE CTF 20231.00000.120
121UMass CTF 2023125.00000.904
110b01lers CTF250.00001.646
134WolvCTF 20231127.00001.803
142DaVinciCTF 2023101.00000.544
25FooBar CTF 2023691.00005.736
192UTCTF 2023240.00000.800
49Nullcon Berlin HackIM 2023 CTF558.00002.677
271KalmarCTF 2023300.00000.535
103VU CYBERTHON 20231145.00008.956
422LA CTF 20231347.00002.175
392DiceCTF 20232.00000.107
228bi0sCTF 202210.00000.281

Overall rating place: 860 with 44.635 pts in 2022

Country place: 44

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
53ASIS CTF Finals 2022252.00009.074
89pingCTF 2022200.00001.418
329NahamCon EU 2022 CTF 400.00000.810
188X-MAS CTF 202233.00000.203
77BSides Mumbai CTF 2022100.00000.560
7Hackappatoi CTF '225554.000016.384
196Shakti CTF300.00000.000
109InfoSec CTF 2022140.00000.000
125TUCTF 20221343.00002.691
161ISITDTU CTF 2022 Quals10.00000.262
100EKOPARTY CTF 20221570.00002.271
56 BlueHens CTF 20223193.00004.821
78Cryptoverse CTF 20222292.00005.476

Organized CTF events

ShunyaCTF Aarambha0.00

Team members

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