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# Switcharoo
> It's a busy weekend, with tens of CTF happening at the same time :) If there is extra time, why not check out https://ctf.b01lers.com? BTW, take this as a gift: YmN0ZntoMzExMF93MHIxZF9nMWY3X2ZyMG1fN2gzX2IwMWxlcl9zMWQzfQ==

## About the Challenge
We need to register to https://ctf.b01lers.com to get the flag

## How to Solve?
Register to https://ctf.b01lers.com/ and check the `misc` chall. You will get the flag by decode the message using `base64`



Original writeup (https://github.com/daffainfo/ctf-writeup/blob/main/WolvCTF%202023/Switcharoo).