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  • The CTF Player < [1P]
  • The CTF Player 1P
  • The CaptureTheFlag Player 1P


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TCP1P is a CTF community of Indonesian CTF players. If you are Indonesian and like to play or learn ctf, you can join our community at

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 61 with 298.913 pts in 2023

Country place: 2

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
10vsCTF 20236329.000016.768
54ASIS CTF Quals 2023311.00007.431
81SECCON CTF 2023 Quals587.000013.850
84CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20233462.00007.171
106HITCON CTF 2023 Quals50.00001.636
47DownUnderCTF 20234223.000017.416
138SekaiCTF 2023739.00001.944
2h4ckc0n 20231621.000022.980
35nullcon HackIM CTF Goa 20231301.00005.317
290Hacker's Playground 2023100.00001.291
35Bauhinia CTF 2023300.00002.119
38CTFZone 2023 Quals1489.000018.247
14Securinets CTF Quals 20232280.000033.440
63corCTF 2023685.00003.723
21ImaginaryCTF 20234528.000012.152
303zer0pts CTF 202353.00000.834
20CrewCTF 20236230.00005.752
23UIUCTF 20231977.000021.799
151Google Capture The Flag 2023339.00004.969
38Codegate CTF 2023 Preliminary127.00001.096
6NahamCon CTF 202317275.000035.489
29SEETF 20234363.00006.401
41GPN CTF 20231300.00002.796
33justCTF 20231275.000011.291
13DanteCTF 20234469.000015.781
166DEF CON CTF Qualifier 202335.00001.172
6Security Fest 20233681.000015.453
30BYUCTF 20239406.00009.070
114Grey Cat The Flag 2023 Qualifiers400.00001.548
17DeadSec CTF 20232230.00009.205
29p4ctf 2023 teaser352.00007.817
55m0leCon CTF 2023 Teaser196.00004.646
49San Diego CTF 2023900.00008.611
12WaniCTF 20236366.000023.101
64UMDCTF 20235557.000010.925
31ångstromCTF 20232150.000060.228
104PlaidCTF 2023301.00009.952
10 HackPack CTF 20232414.000029.263
47cursedCTF 20231966.00003.702
34DamCTF 20232080.000012.408
18Bucket CTF 20238998.000014.963
16LINE CTF 2023805.00007.751
15UMass CTF 20232009.000012.270
125Cyber Apocalypse 2023: The Cursed Mission13600.000013.836
14WolvCTF 20239016.000014.713
11Rush CTF | Beginner friendly3494.00000.000
58UTCTF 20233692.00009.576
22Nullcon Berlin HackIM 2023 CTF1347.00006.367
22Pragyan CTF 20231709.00006.021
55KalmarCTF 20231493.00002.659
6CTF After Dark - Winter 2023285.00000.000
76VU CYBERTHON 20231420.000011.126
57HackTM CTF Quals 2023483.00002.691
20xL4ughCTF 20237569.000036.818
24LA CTF 202310511.000017.549
277DiceCTF 2023116.00000.888
54KnightCTF 20231950.00007.495
150idekCTF 2022*1381.00001.713
247Real World CTF 5th34.00000.860

Overall rating place: 506 with 68.436 pts in 2022

Country place: 6

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
54X-MAS CTF 20221283.00003.294
52KITCTFCTF 20221060.00002.692
18GlacierCTF 20221451.00008.920
321Square CTF 202251.00000.529
198SECCON CTF 2022 Quals150.00003.833
165BuckeyeCTF 2022654.00001.926
73 BlueHens CTF 20222462.00003.716
851Hack The Boo1400.00006.898
31Jade CTF2629.00007.064
224DEADFACE CTF920.00002.792
71GDG Algiers CTF 2022795.00001.680
309SekaiCTF 2022239.00000.618
200DownUnderCTF 2022 (Online) 1591.00003.238
4640CTF/TCTF 202218.00000.427
182CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20221134.00003.106
130MapleCTF 2022200.00000.697
27nullcon Goa HackIM CTF 2022964.00004.379
96SHELLCTF 20223165.000012.882
207corCTF 2022340.00001.098
69TFC CTF 20222377.00006.248
83DiceCTF @ HOPE 20222439.000011.047
604Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022: Intergalactic Chase 2700.00003.450

Organized CTF events

TCP1P CTF 2023: First Step Beyond Nusantara0.00

Team members

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